FMP final post

Today I got news. The photo that I decided to put out as my poster, has been seen by other tutors and I have been told that I have to change the photo because it’s too revealing and “sexy”. I mean yes that is true, but that was the goal! Apparently too much for the kinds…So unprofessional in my opinion, I can’t express myself, because some kid might go to the exhibition and see this photo. As if I was gonna destroy someones childhood. That was not my goal, friends. But anyway, I was given a choice of choosing another photo or do something with this one. Because I really like this photo, I wasn’t gonna give up, yet.

First, I tried putting other photo on this one, to cover up at least half of the model’s butt. Then, I though, maybe, I’d also put the logo that I did as well. I been doing all of this in Photoshop and that’s what I came up with:

To be honest, I don’t really like how it looks because it looks like I’m trying to cover something up really desperately and still failing at it. Then, I thought that maybe I could just write word CENSORED or something like this over the revealing area. Something like the Supreme logo but “Censored”. I wanted to make it in style too and I thought that glitch effect might look good. I looked up on the internet a youTube tutorial that will help me create this glitchy text effect, because I have no idea how to do it myself.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 17.48.42
screenshot of the tutorial that I used

After about 40 minutes I was done. For the first time creating something like this I did really well. It was hard, but if anything this tutorial helped me understand how Photoshop work more and that’s never a bad thing.

the final/image text

It looks a bit weird, but I don’t have time to come up with something else. Then, I put this text over my photo to try and cover up what needed to be covered up and that’s the final image:


Of course I’d rather have the original, but because I’m still at college turns out I can’t do stuff like that, because it will “offend” someone. It’s alright, it will be different when I’m at uni. Overall, I’m happy with my poster.

FMP final post

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