My boxes and my stickers were delivered few days ago and I have started to decorate them. Instead of covering the whole box, I decided to cover only the lids, because I was scared that I’m gonna run out of stickers pretty quick. When I finished the first box, I was really satisfied with the outcome and was really glad I chose this way of decoration. Very colourful, “messy” and drags you attention straight away.  Today I have finished decorating all of them. I counted that for every box I’ve used maximum of 46-65 stickers per box/lid.

Then it was time to put my t-shirts, posters and stickers in.

18676563_1267225896708111_1265323042_o (1)

18641328_1267225850041449_968635194_o (1)

On the two photos above, I showed how I folded the t-shirt. It actually fitted perfectly in the box. I wanted design to be right in the middle, so when anyone opens the box they don’t have to guess which t-shirt is which. Plus, I think my customer will really like other additional stuff that’s in the box like post card and a sticker. Overall, I’m more than satisfied with my final piece. I’m really glad that for the first time I finished it before the deadline.


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