Now it’s time to choose the photo I want to display on my poster. I can do it in a few ways, either chose one photo or choose a few that I like and make a layout in the InDesign. Firstly, I wanted to put a lot of photos on my poster, because I couldn’t chose which ones I liked the most. But then, I decided to just go with one photo. This is the photo that I chose for my poster.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

I like this photo, because it directly shows what I’m trying to promote, you can clearly see the design at the back of the t-shirt. Besides really sexy fishnet tights, glossy black heels and beautiful long hair. I love everything about this photo and I’m really satisfied with it. I think it’s fully reflects the whole vibe of my label.

My tutor said that our posters will be A0 size, which is pretty big. All I had to do was to save it in Photoshop and make sure that the image size was enlarged to at least 300-500 pixels. Then, put it on a usb and give to my tutor.


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