FMP photo editing

I don’t know if what I want to say is relevant, but I’m gonna make it relevant. With years, whenever I did any kind of photography, more and more I start to like the original photo rather than the edited one. To be fair, I never liked to put up to 5 filters on the photo, but with time I don’t really want to edit them at all. And I’m trying to get to people that it is not because I’m lazy.  Same with these photos. I set down, send the chosen ones to my desktop, opened them in Photoshop and then…nothing. I was stuck. I opened the adjustments window and just started changing stuff to see if I’ll like my picture more. I didn’t. The only thing I would change would be brightness/contrast and saturation. That’s nothing. I was a bit angry that I had to do it, because if I don’t then I’m not gonna have any photo editing process and my mark will go down, I guess. All of this photoshop editing felt super useless, but I had to do it.

In my sketchbook, I decided not to put any photoshop screenshots, because everything I did after all was to add a but more sharpness to the photo and maybe like 5% darker. Oh and I did add a hint of green shadow here and there. Some of the photos I decided to make black & white and that was a really good decision, because I loved how the photos looked. They instantly had more character to them. Then, I just stuck the ones I “edited” in my sketchbook.

FMP photo editing

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