FMP photoshoot

Today was the day of my photoshoot!!! To be fair, I love taking photographs, it’s something that I don’t do much but always enjoy doing when I get a chance to. Well, it wasn’t like that for this one. Maybe because I was doing it after a long day of lessons, my mood was below 30%. Also, my plans changed a bit, because in the last moment, my sister decided to ditch me and not do the photoshoot. I was really stressed. But I found a girl, my sister’s friend, they go to the same college. This girl is kind of a catch, because she’s skinny, tall and have beautiful long red hair.

After college I had to quickly go grab her near her accommodation, go to Varsity, do her make up and decide which outfits I’m choosing. It was a pretty hot day, so the outfit with vintage huge creme D&G’s coat had to go unfortunately.

I did heavy green eye make up on her eyes, because it matched well with her eyes and complimented her green hair. I decided not to have a bedroom as an option for location anymore, because the only bedroom I have where I can photograph is my room in Varsity, and trust me, when I say it’s not cute even when it’s tidy, it’s not. Ugly as hell. So I decided to go to the roof top.

The one I had in mind was at the top of Grafton centre (shopping mall), I’ve been there before, pretty decent roof. But, when we came the roof top was closed, because builders were working there. I found another roof that was a bit more far away, but that one should be open. That roof was at the top of the swimming pool. When we came there I was lucky enough and it was open. Plus, it was perfect because there was literally no cars and no people, the sky was beautiful, slight sunset and perfect weather.

I quickly made her change there. My main goal was to make some good photos where you can clearly see the t-shirts, so that my customer knows what I’m selling and then I can relax and just photograph. I honestly think I’m not bad at photography at all. I never get lost when directing, I know which pose I want and where. Most of the time the problem is with the model, they can’t keep their faces straight for some reason.

I had a lot of fun doing this photoshoot, I think I may have some really good photos. The only thing is, I really wanted all of my photos to be polaroid photos, even if the ¬†resolution is not as great, but when I tried taking few polaroids outside they all came up so bright you can barely see what’s on the photo. I took a few, when tried to cover the flash as well, but it hardly helped. I think it was due to the sun exposure or the quality of the camera. Anyways, can’t wait to print out the contact sheet and chose the ones I’m going to edit.


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FMP photoshoot

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