FMP final piece

When I was thinking about how I’m gonna present my t-shirts on the exhibition, besides the boxes, I wanted there to be something else. Just something extra to go with the t-shirt as a free bonus.


I thought it would be nice if I make another lot of the cards I made before, the ones I put in my second sketchbook. I will make them on a thicker paper with all the changes included. One for each t-shirt with the same exact image that I designed. Kind of like a post card you can either keep, stick somewhere, or send to someone as a gift.

As well as that, I wanted something else. Maybe a sticker? I like stickers. For example, if I ever see a cool sticker I always want to get it because I like to decorate the lid of my laptop. I’m sure I’m not the only one. You can always find a spare place for a good sticker. So maybe as well as t-shirt and post card, there also will be a sticker or two with the exact same image too that you can put on you laptop, you bike or skate.

FMP final piece

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