FMP talking t’s

I finally decided that I’m going to need “professional” help with my t-shirts. I’ve already found a place that could help me. “Talking T’s”. Since they never replied to my e-mail, this lunch time I went there to ask all the questions personally.


When I came there, the woman immediately gave me the price list. To make one t-shirt it costed 16 pound something, but the more pieces you needed the more price got reduced. So at the end it was like 11-12 pounds in total. I thought that was a great price. I brought all of  my images on a usb with me and spend there well over 30 minutes going over where I want my designs to be placed and the size of them. Instead of coming with my own t-shirts I decided to not bother and buy the t-shirts they had to offer. Weirdly, the quality was a bit worse than in Primark, but I didn’t really care, because I knew that only my model would have to wear them and then they will be places and neatly folded in the box.


FMP talking t’s

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