FMP development process

Yesterday night after such successful experiment with calico and transfer paper I couldn’t wait and decided to try the paper on the actual t-shirts that I bought.

When I was doing my first one, I put on the YouTube tutorial again, incase I don’t miss any steps. When it was time to peel off the paper, kind of the climax of the whole process, the paper did came off but it came off horribly. As if it didn’t want to be peeled off. Of course the image was damaged and there was nothing I could do, but to try again. I thought the problem was applying pressure for too long. So when I turned the t-shirt the other way around, because obviously it was ruined so I didn’t care, I just wanted to see where I went wrong.

The second time went just as wrong. I applied a bit less pressure and time. For example, when I was doing my first t-shirt I applied pressure for 20 second, the paper didn’t peel off right. Second time I applied pressure for 13-15 seconds and let it to cool down even longer. The paper didn’t wanna peel off at all, it only peeled of a little bit from the corners. At this point I started to be a bit more and more concerned, because things didn’t go the way I planned at all.


After that, I have destroyed 2 more t-shirts with trying to “heat press” the image down on the fabric, I was only left with one, I decided that was enough. Every other time I tried, I would time it and apply pressure for different amounts of time, but nothing would work so I become to the conclusion that the problem was with the material the t-shirt was made from.

This morning I talked to my tutor about the problem I had and she agreed with me that the problem was with fabric. Because the paper perfectly worked with calico. I decided I might as well look for places in Cambridge that would help me.

After researching I found this place in Cambridge “Talking T’s”, that was actually placed 5 minutes away from my college.

Снимок экрана 2017-05-27 в 20.47.36

I e-mailed them and ask about prices and how long it would take them to be done so I’m not gonna do it too late.

FMP development process

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