FMP development process

Since I now know I have some material that I’ve collected to work with and put on my t-shirts, I have to decide what kind of technique I’m gonna use to achieve such thing. I can either go to the “professionals” and just pay them or I can do it myself.


First, I of course decided to do it myself. Google said that transfer inkjet paper should do the job. I went to Raymons and got some paper for light fabrics and dark ones too, because I’m not sure yet what colour my t-shirts age going to be. When I bought it, the packaging already included the instruction I was supposed to follow. But after reading it, I was still scared I was gonna do something wrong, so I went ahead and found a pretty explanatory YouTube tutorial that showed me exactly what I need to do. Now, because I’ve never tried using transfer paper before, I only used heat press when I used to do textiles, I also decided to be clever and not try and use it of the t-shirt straight ahead, I used something else instead. I used fabric used Calico. Calico is really useful and affordable fabric you can trust.


When it was time to begin the procedure, I followed the YouTube tutorial I found. After putting the right amount of pressure on the image and the fabric for about 5 minutes, I let it cool down to a room temperature (because the iron was supposed to be on the maximum temperature). When it was time to peel off the paper I was really scared that I did something wrong, but actually, the paper came of easy and the image transferred beautifully. I wasn’t expecting that to be honest. I was so happy, because it meant that it’s actually really easy to do, it would mean that I put more effort, plus, it’s nearly not as expensive as it would cost for me for getting someone else to do it. Each package of the transfer paper costs like 10 pounds roughly and two packs should be more than enough for me.

Basically I was really satisfies with my outcome and couldn’t way to try using paper on the actual t-shirt that I bought from Primark. I decided to go with plain white ones instead of coloured ones.


FMP development process

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