FMP idea development

In my proposal, I said that alongside creating clothing or designing them, I might as well create some kind of label to help promote my product. I also thought that with some kind of label the whole thing would look more finished and thought through. I did few pages in my sketchbook about that.


First, I had to think what my logo is going to look like? I don’t want any difficult drawings, I want something simple and easy. After a minute, I decided the my initials could do the job. I decided to use my full first name, so instead or L.R. (Lisa), I put E.R. (Elizaveta). Next step was to try out few typefaces. At the end, I chose three that I liked the best: Arial Black, Bauhaus 93 and Baskerville Old Face . And the colour pallet of the logo consisted mostly of primary and bold colours: red, black, dark khaki, dark blue and bright yellow.


At the end the one that I liked the most was Bauhaus 93 and the colour either red or black. I chose this one because this type face gives me the 70’s-80’s vibe for some reason. And I really like the whole fashion at that time. I thought it looked kinda old schoolish.

FMP idea development

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