FMP final piece

Today I designed the images for my t-shirts. In total in was 6 of them. Each one I have done in Photoshop. Some of them were just pictures with my text on them, some weren’t. In this post I’m going to go through the creative processes behind my design.


The first one at the top was the first design that I made. The text I came up with myself and the picture on the background is a famous painting called “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo. The first sample just had the bold red text on the white background in the middle, but I wanted to add something more and I did. I think it looks better.


Second image above is just one of my thoughts I have written down in my notes to then recreate in a t-shirt design. Originally the tex should be in the top right corner.


Another text and image design. For this one as well, I thought that the text would look too boring on its own and added a picture on the background. I don’t know why I only chose paintings, I just like how it looks. Plus, I unfortunately don’t know who’s the author of the painting, I found it when I was on instagram and I fell in love with it. Very delicately done.

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Two more examples of my designs. The same concept as others. My last design is the most precious one to me. For this one, I didn’t come up with it myself. Once I was on YouTube and I was watching some hip hop freestyles and I stumbled across Wretch 32’s freestyle and the minute I head it I thought it was fire. I listened to it again and again.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 14.17.20

I then looked up his lyrics, so I can read it and I know that my english by far not perfect at all, but I understood everything he said. I was amazed by the word play and the meaning behind it. His lyrics spoke to me and I genuinely loved the whole freestyle. I loved it so much I wanted to pay tribute to this artist and show how talented he is, by simply putting his verse on the t shirt. My first design was white letters on a red background:


But then, I thought where am I going to put this design on a t-shirt and I didn’t want it to seem as a red square like object that came out of nowhere. I wanted the design and the t-shirt to become one. So I changed the colours and made a second version on the last design:


I like this one way more. I can see this at the back of a white oversized t-shirt. To present them, I printed them out on a thin post card paper and stuck them I’m my second sketchbook.


FMP final piece

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