FMP idea development

At this point I have decided that I’m gonna be doing t-shirts as my final piece. But more importantly, what’s gonna be on the t-shirts. By researching brands like Supreme and ASS Club, my “viewer” should have gotten an idea on what I’m trying to achieve. Classic Supreme t-shirt logo is a perfect example.


This is what I have to do:

1st step: to know what type of clothing you’re working with. (example: t-shirt or hoodie)

2nd step: decide on the colour pallet of the clothing

3rd step: decide what and where you’re going to put and image or words on the t-shirt.

4th step: decide what technique I’m going to use to achieve the right and needed result when transferring an image or a text on t he fabric

5th step: decide how I’m going to present the clothing

FMP idea development

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