FMP fittings

Today is the fitting day for my future photoshoot. I will be doing the fitting at my accommodation. I have invited my sister over and for today I only need her to try few outfits on, so then I’m prepared and I know what she’s going to wear on the day of the actual photoshoot.

I thought that 3-4 outfits would be enough and then I will chose the ones that stand out to me the most. I decided to capture everything on a polaroid camera and then stick the photos in my sketchbook.

I bought a plain white large size t-shirt, so I can pretend that the t-shirt already has my design on it and manipulate with the closing around it. My first outfits was very greyish and minimalistic. I found these sliver wide leg pants in River Island and they were on sale. I don’t know why, but I bought them immediately, I already knew that somehow they would come handy in the future. I sound like the diaries of an anonymous shopaholic but never mind. I styled them with white t-shirt tucked inside, long grey trench coat, some plain black pumas and hand made LV denim choker.


Here is photos of the other outfits that I have styled:

Overall, I think I went really safe this time colour wise. The pallet of the clothing is very settle down, neutrals and greys. Very calm. But I think that’s what I’m trying to show, that my type of t-shirts are mostly suitable for every day wear rather than occasion wear. But it’s not boring, it’s still very stylish and comfy.


FMP fittings

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