FMP photoshoot planning

Today I wanted to plan my photoshoot in advance. So when my t-shirts are gonna be ready, all I have to do is look back at what I have planned to remind myself and just go and do it.

The things I had to think about were: model/hair & makeup/location/mood.

So I wanted my sister to model for me for my photoshoot. I always ask her to help me out in this kind of situations. Plus, I think her body type and hair type fits my needs perfectly. For hair I wanted plain, dark, straight semi-long hair just like she has. Two hairstyles: hair down and a ponytail. For make up I wanted to do something colourful and artsy. I’d rather have a lot going on her eyes, then eyes and lips together. So I was thinking about doing a monochrome make up, either pink or green. That’s just my vision.


For location, I had two locations in mind. First one was roof top. To me it seems very minimalistic, no cars, clear sky and lines everywhere in the form of buildings and sunset. Second location I wanted to be a bedroom or a bed, to be precise. I wanted my model to be in the bed and in the process of waking up and getting ready for the day. Here is the image of what I mean by the bedroom/studio: (found on tumblr)


The whole mood of this photoshoot is meant to be relaxed but chic. I want my futute photos to look very raw. I doubt that I will be editing them that much because I always like the original photos more.

FMP photoshoot planning

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