FMP style inspirations/influencers

Leaving the biggest part of my research behind, moving on to something a bit more interesting for me. Because my final piece will be clothing (t-shirts) and I will also be doing a photoshoot to promote them (so that means I will have to style my t-shirts with something else, my model is not going to be naked, maybe), I thought that it would be relevant to do few pages on people who been lately influencing my style and slightly my taste in fashion.


So the first person I have decided to research is – J $tash. J $tash is a 23 years old rapper based in America. He’s music is “so so”, and the reason I decided to put him in my project as an influencer is because of his style. He takes his style pretty serious and I’m obsessed with his instagram, because every picture is so vivid, stylish and just so me. He influences my style a lot and gives me a lot of ideas so I wanted to connect his style to mine upcoming photoshoot. I also did few sketches that are kind of inspired by his style. Simple, relaxed and very iconic at the same time.

FMP style inspirations/influencers

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