FMP final idea development

I think now it’s time to slowly start thinking what my “collection” is going to look like. What type of clothing do I want? At the beginning I really wanted to include a few, like t-shirts, hoodies and bomber jackets but as the time went on I have decided to focus on the t-shirts only. I’m going for the simple look. I sure know that I don’t want them to look like something you’d get from Forever21. That would insulting.

I though of buying a  lot of art stuff with which you can draw or paint on the fabric. Things like fabric markers, fabric paint and maybe spray paint. Or I might have some left from the experiment I did in the beginning of the project (Christian Benner one). I also wanted to find a YouTube tutorial or something where I could see how you can distress a t-shirt, like make holes in it and stuff. Or I will just come up with something one like an image or a slogan to put on all of my t-shirts. I still have to decide on this one.

FMP final idea development

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