FMP Research

To sum up my research, I found this girl on Instagram who makes really cool t-shirts. At first I though she’s just a fan page of someone else’s brand that I just never saw before, but with time I realised that she was the one who was making the tees. Her name is Dana Frid and these are some examples of her work:

Снимок экрана 2017-05-23 в 14.45.21
(screen shot from her instagram)

I really like her stuff, to me it appeals as really feminine and neatly done work. Some of her stuff I would actually wear without a second thought. So, I thought of maybe asking her few questions about her t-shirts, I thought she could also help me by answering questions about the creative process she goes through while creating her pieces, because I’m thinking on focusing on t-shirts for my FMP final piece as well so any information, feedback or advise will be really helpful.

The “interview” went pretty normal. I decided not to do it as formal and e-mail each other, I though that it would be much quicker if I just direct message her on instagram. I have included all the screenshots in my sketchbook as well as the actual interview printed out in better version. I think I expected something more than I got, as far as my questions were really direct, detailed and long, she would reply to me with the shortest simples answers. I got an impression of her not really wanting to answer my questions, even though she agreed herself, but she just wouldn’t go into real detail with me, which made me a bit confused. Overall, she told me that her relatives work in clothing production so they made a lot of those t-shirts for her and she just designed them. Maybe I expected something a bit more authentic. But, I liked the fact the she involves music in her designs too, she even said herself that at the moment she get’s a lot of inspiration and ideas from music. (You can read the whole interview in my sketchbook)

FMP Research

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