FMP Research


Today I researched one more “artist”, “designer”, “whatever”… honestly, if they have required to be really personal in our blogs and write about how we feel and how exhausted we are I would. I’ve researched so many similar stuff, like people who paint on clothes or items you can wear or carry, I stopped seeing the difference. But I guess that’s why they told us to choose the topic we wanna do for 12 weeks wisely, so we don’t bored. Opps…. And the funniest thing is, all the people I researched and still going to, there is not a single item I actually genuinely like. Like, I would never wear anything of what I have researched. I think they all quiet tasteless, but for the sake of research I have to do it, because otherwise I wouldn’t get a high mark. And the second funniest thing is, I’m sure that after all of this I would still get a pass, because it’s life and I’m obviously not one of the most hard working humans on this planet. But well guys, I’ve tried.

Going back to my endless research. Elizabeth Ilsley. Young woman who also paints on leather. Her “I shave my legs for you” leather jacket became quiet popular, especially between part-time feminists, part-time “i’ll do whatever just to keep him” girls who like to spent most of their time on Instagram or Tumblr, looking thought “cute” random pictures. She’s actually pretty famous in a celebrities world, I’ve read that Kim Kardashian was one of her customers, not bad. Anyways, I think I like the leather trousers the she made but that’s as far as it goes.



FMP Research

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