FMP Research

Today I researched two more people to do with my FMP. They are both kind of similar because they both paint on clothes. First one was Laurie Lee, it’s a woman who made a brand out of her name. She paints and produces custom leather jackets. I don’t love her work and I don’t really think she’s being very original, I’ve researched her for the sake of research and relevance, but as long as it sells, right?


The second brand I researched called HOLD ON by Penelope Strintz. The logo is a really cute red heart with rainbow coloured letters inside. In my opinion this brand a bit more contemporary and I like it a bit more. I think the pieces are really fun and individual. I can see that the illustrations are mostly done in one linear drawing technique and a lot of primary colours are used. The two brands kind of make contrast between each other because the Laurie Lee brand paints on black leather jackets and HOLD ON brand paints on a lot of  white clothing and vintage jeans. I think both of them relate to my FMP, because they really show how clothing can literally become canvas.

FMP Research

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