FMP research

After researching Christian Benner, I research brand called Vetements (vet-mohn). Not only because it’s my favourite brand, but the brand inspires me and what’s even better, changes my every day style, gives me courage to try something new and most definitely not care what other’s will think of me if I wear something provocative or weird, because most of the people I know and surround me have no taste or style at all, so it’s very funny when they tell me they don’t like some pieces of my closet or how I dress. I just smile in response and don’t judge them, because not everyone was born like me, so of course they’re gonna think different, no hard feelings.

So, I researched the brand itself and their head designer – Demna Gvasalia. Also, I looked at their latest collection, I believe it’s Fall 2017, because I thought that could really help me with the styling ideas for my final photoshoot. Did some inspired illustrations as well as a part of primary research.


On the same day, I also researched two more independent street-wear brands such as Anti Social Social Club (ASS Club) and Vlone, as a good example of what I’m trying to achieve when doing my final collection and also an as inspiration. For the Vlone page I decide to do a “response”, so I have some kind of primary research and to show the understanding and engaging with what I’m doing. I really like the whole style and vibe of the Vlone line, esprecially the “decoration” of their pop-up shops. All the walls are covered in graffiti and that’s what I try to deliver in my response illustration, but with my kind of twist on it. (include the picture) I really enjoyed doing it, because I enjoy drawing in general and I take every illustration serious, and I’m very proud of one every time I finish it.


FMP research

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