FMP sketchbook

By now I’ve done few pages in my sketchbook that contain project form, mind map and mood board. Since FMP is such a big project, I’ve decided to do mind  map and mood board on a double-spread page (layout) so I have more room to make mistakes and the sketchbook will get filled up quicker, since I have to fill up few sketchbooks and not one, can’t blame me for that.


The topic of my mind map was fashion merchandising/customizing and also talked about and explored different ways of leaving a mark on a fabric, and turns out there is like 1000 ways to do that! Since my final piece will be a physical evidence in a form of clothing (“mini-collection”) I thought that it is a useful information and worth including in my mind map.

My mood board consists only of instagram images that I’ve collected over time by obviously liking them and then going through them to see which ones relate to my theme. Instagram is my favourite social media and I only used this planform to research some kind of imagery for my mood board. I still have to do bibliography and cross referencing to back it up. I like my mood boards to be unique and colourful. I really do enjoy doing them. They might seem like a mess and seem like a bunch of random pictures from the internet, but in my head each one of the pictures is there for a reason and it all makes sense to me and at the end of the day that’s what matters. To me.

FMP sketchbook

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