FMP Wells-next-the-Sea


On Thursday March 17th we went to Wells. Wells-next-the-Sea is a port on the North Norfolk coast of England. The town is divided into three distinct areas, starting with Buttlands, a broad rectangular green, lined with lime trees and some very fine Georgian and Victorian houses. Next are the narrow lanes of the town centre with Staithe Street with some shops. At the bottom end of Staithe Street stands the quay and harbour, with many traditional seaside attractions. The harbour itself is lined with boats with the landmark Granary marking the mid-point. Wells next the Sea has many attractions and facilities including 2 steam railways, hotels, pubs, tea rooms and countless shops. Wells next the Sea was made famous by the ITV drama Kingdom, where it makes up one half of a fictitious Norfolk town called Market Shipborough (the other half being Swaffham).

Unfortunately, this trip was as useless as the Imperial War Museum trip. But it was rather much more aesthetically pleasing to look at. Not minding the bad weather, I was able to enjoy some part of the trip. The most places I visited to find something for my primary research were shops, but most of them were filled with random boring souvenirs. They did have two art galleries, but I didn’t get a change to visit and at the same time I felt that would be kind of stupid, because I can easily visit bunch of art galleries in Cambridge, without traveling two hours on the bus, to see the same kind of artwork. So I tried to walk around and be outside as much as I could, but when I got too cold I decided to call it quits.

FMP Wells-next-the-Sea

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