FMP IWM trip


So yesterday was day of a total regret. It was a day that I could never get back and the amount of time that I’ve lost on this particular day will haunt me forever. Me and my lovely year (+ foundation students) went to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. Now, straight away…. My specialism is Fashion Promotion and theme for my project is “Canvas as clothing”, but because life is a confusing thing, on the March 15th, 2017 I found myself in the huge field-museum filled up with planes, engines and elderly people. I’ve been told: “Well, go look around, you have plenty of time to explore wonderful history of WW2, enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Great Britain, you can look at planes, planes and planes, also take photos and sketches. Go!” And I’m there, out of respect and respect only, pulling myself together on the edge of crying, because I have more than 4-5 hours to wonder around and question my existence, when I can be sitting at the studio at the same exact moment and quietly and peacefully be doing something that actually relates to my project, like secondary research or a primary research of my own.

Let me tell you more about the IWM itself. Imperial War Museum Duxford is a branch of the Imperial War Museum near Duxford in Cambridgeshire, England. Britain’s largest aviation museum, Duxford houses the museum’s large exhibits, including nearly 200 aircraft, military vehicles, artillery and minor naval vessels in seven main exhibition buildings. The site also provides storage space for the museum’s other collections of material such as film, photographs, documents, books and artefacts. Sounds cool, right? Right. But not when your specialism is Fashion Promotion. Someone said: “You’ll definitely be able to find something that connects to your theme.” But as much as I lie to other people, I refused to lie to myself. I genuinely didn’t even try to pretend there was something that I liked, something that inspired me or something that had anything to do with my project. But because I was already there and there wasn’t any chance or opportunity to escape, I thought why not go and look around.

In between huge grey airplane models, walking as slow as I could with lyrical russian music in my ears that made me hate this day a bit more and more as hours were passing by, my paranoia slowly started kicking in and I though: “What if one of those enormous planes that’s attached to the ceiling accidentally falls on someone? Or worse…On me? Was it all worth it? Definitely not. Damn.” I quickly ran outside, at the same time I was trynna seem like it’s all good, to breathe some fresh air. And that happened to me for the rest of the trip every time I would stand under the airplane. Other than that, the only part of the museum that catch my interest for a second, was the last “sector” or “zone” with tanks and all that military equipment. There was a room with TVs that showed different old clips of WW2 that was filmed probably during the war itself. The films were black and white and the voice on the background talked slowly, loudly and clearly. They had few benches there so I thought that it’s a perfect opportunity to finally sit dow and at the same time educate myself with some history. First of all, it was super interesting to see what it was like during the WW2 and it made me think about a lot. It made me think about people that had to go through such hell. Every day they would wake up knowing that each day might be the last one. Scary, isn’t it? So it made me think about the nature of the human. That we actually are way more stronger and more fearless than we think. Also, embarrassing or not, but after watching some of those clips I found out only now that Hitler committed suicide. I never actually knew how the dude died. And now I know!

When the trip was finally over, I left this museum tired but totally empowered by people. Power to the people!



FMP IWM trip

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