FMP London trip

This week is trip week. Yesterday I went to London. I got offered three locations which were Museum of Science, National History Museum and of course V&A. They are all pretty close so I had plenty of time to visit each of them but there was only one that I could actually connect to my FMP. It was Victoria & Albert Museum. To be precise, the fashion sector. It’s pretty small comparing to the whole museum but that was the only one spot I was able to find something I can actually relate to my project. After taking a good look and taking photos of everything my eye liked it was time to go back.

Today was the presentation day. I had the whole morning to prepare my little presentation about yesterday’s trip, with all the photos, illustration and any tickets or postcards I’ve collected while being there. These are the few things that I talked about.

For some reason first things that catch my eye was not the fashion gowns, but the accessories. First is the picture of sunglasses that I really liked. They’re called “Car Headlights”, they were made by Oliver Goldsmith in 1971, out of plastic. The reason why I liked them because I thought they obviously looked very 60’s-70’s and very modern. I would definitely wear them today, I’d love to. They looked very classy, black & white is always a win. Teens these days are only starting to “bring them back” in a hope that they’re being original. Usual people.


Next up are unique and abstract earrings by David Watkins “Optic Art Jewellery London”(born 1940). Screen printed acrylic perspex and metal. The time period is between 1963-65. They were given by designers to the V&A Museum. Those earrings reminded me of an artist called Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) and his work. I think the designer who made the earrings was inspired by his work.


Next exhibit was a really interesting dress that I found. The textile of the dress had a test shot from series of images recorded the process of photographer Glen Luchford’s Prada advertising campaign in 1996. The original images were presented right next to the dress. Luchford used a large format 4 X 5 camera and this image was one of the polaroids used to set up the shot and test the lighting. The dress was designed in 2013 (London) by Deacon Giles and was shown as part of the GILES spring 2014 collection at his show held at the Stationer’s hall in London in September 2013. The dress uses a print taken from a polaroid photograph by Glen Luchford in the collection of the V&A. The polaroid was acquired by the museum as part of the V&A exhibition ‘Imperfect Beauty’ held in 2000. The exhibition explored the working processes behind fashion photography shoots.

I personally really liked the original images and noticed the technique that the designer used which was photo-printing on silk. It was useful to me, because I thought it was one of the techniques I planned to try out in my FMP during the idea development process.




FMP London trip

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