FMP timetable

I didn’t enjoy the process of doing the time table that much, because for me it’s a bit difficult to imagine weeks in advance what I’m gonna be doing on exact day. But task is a task so I had to do it. When I finished my first timetable and showed it to my tutor it turned out to be too simple and not very detailed. Then I had to re-do it and actually, I have to say that even though it took me one day and a half of non-stop doing just timetable I was exhausted but the more I was doing it the more it all kinda started making sense and I felt like I’m in control of the time and my actions. Which is awesome.

After giving the second copy to my tutor to check she said it was much better and I don’t really have to change anything. I’m really glad I took time to sit down and did it and planned everything in advance so now if I’m a bit confused or lost on what to do I can just look back at my timetable and it will tell me what I should be doing. Now I know, obviously as the project will continue, I will have to add or change some things around to perfect it but for now it gives me a good clear idea on where I am and what I should be doing.

FMP timetable

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