FMP presentation of 2 ideas

So yesterday I presented both of my ideas to my tutors. The first idea was “Narcissism in the way of fashion merchandising” but then as I was discussing it, the title had to be changed, because it wasn’t about narcissism anymore as much as it was about customising     the pieces of clothing and giving a new life to already manufactured product. More like “clothing as canvas” and “fabric as sketchbook pages”.

This is the idea I’m going to choose for my FMP. We agreed that my second project proposal about Women doesn’t really connect with fashion promotion as much as my first idea and that I might need more time to actually finish it. It is a very good idea, and it might be better if I do it in my own time outside of college and make it my own project. To understand the idea a bit more I showed my tutors a 10 minute video clip by “StyleLikeU”, it’s a mother-daughter team, bound together by their passion to spread self-acceptance through style. It’s a movement. Project “What’s underneath” captures the diverse stories of unapologetic individuals who are true to themselves and comfortable in their skin, you will be empowered to discover that same sense of freedom and comfort in your own skin.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 14.31.02

They have a lot of different interesting stories, but the one I decided to show shocked me the most. The story of Renee Gunter. What they do is they sit you down on a chair in front of the camera and they ask you to tell your story while asking few question. You have to remove piece of clothing as you go along and at the end you are left in only underwear and the message of that is to honour how style is not the clothes you wear.

So, now when I know what I’m going to do I better get a sketchbook and start working. I also have to do my timetable and start writing down all the web cites and pictures I use (referencing)

FMP presentation of 2 ideas

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