FMP (2nd proposal)

I have successfully completed my 1st proposal and the chosen topic for that one was “personal fashion merchandising”. My proposal clearly describes what my final piece is going to be like, my research and why I have chosen that theme.

Thinking about my 2nd theme took me a bit more time. I was sitting on my CS lesson and that’s when I got some kind of idea. I wrote down this on a piece of paper:

“I love walking. I feel like one of the reasons why, because I get to observe the world around me and especially people. I often find myself actually staring at strangers, without any bad though. Well, the most dark thought that can come to my mind is: “Why did you wear this with this?” But this is just some personal preference issues. I just scan them head to toe. Their hair, it’s structure, faces, body type, sometimes I compare body type to the height and last but not least I look at what they are wearing. I more enjoy looking at women, though. Never in a dirty or judgemental way. Something very aesthetically pleasing about women in general. I just love the whole idea of a woman and her emotional nature. Younger girls have always this pretty glow of youth to them, their hair is always nicely done. I’m not like this, I never have neither energy or time to do my hair, straighten them or blow dry. They just live their own life and I live my life. Just wash them once in a while. I can see that no matter what they’re wearing, same thing as everybody else or something really far from my taste, they’ve put some thought in their outfits. Especially, I think dark skinned girls and women are very beautiful. I don’t know if they know, how much they were gifted with their natural beauty and naturally very goddess – like body shape.

Sometimes I tell myself that it is such a pity that I’m straight, because guys are dicks, most of them are (CAUTION! THIS IS NOT A HATE LETTER TOWARDS MEN! or maybe it is, idk) and in the women’s world there is just so much more fish in the sea, you get me. Every girl is beautiful. Every girl is a princess. I adore women. Yet, there is always some kind of competition between us, especially if a man is involved. My mom always told me: “There is no such thing as friendship between women.” Throughout my 18 years of just living, I still don’t know if she was right or wrong. But to be honest, I’m more agreeing with her than disagreeing. Isn’t it fucking sad?

Our kingdom will rot and fall apart if the queens and princesses that live in it can’t have some sympathy towards each other. Yes, she might have bigger butt, bigger breasts, smoother skin, better boyfriend and diva attitude to go with it, but you did didn’t come here to compete! Did you?

I’m in love with women and their nature and I wanna show how wide and big the range is. How diverse it can be. Because I was born a woman I refuse to hate, I’ll leave it to men. I want to promote and inspire others to understand that it’s the same with life, there is no right or wrong way to live, same with women, with us there is no right or wrong way to look, no ugly or beautiful, there is only a creature of the universe – female.”



I wanna show the diversity of ages, skin colour, body type and style by capturing that on camera. My vision tells me polaroids. Collect a big collection of polaroids of friends, family and strangers throughout my project, as well as research. And ask each person few question about their style and basically to tell their story. By the end I will have a book, magazine or a leaflet as my final piece.

FMP (2nd proposal)

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