FMP. (thinking about themes)

I was a bit confused at the beginning, I still am, because of the amount of information going to my brain at once. How it usually happens with me, only in the middle of my project, after like 3-4 weeks I only start to get the idea of what the hell I’m doing and in what direction I’m supposed to go, that would mean that I’m not just sticking cool pictures in my sketchbook anymore, I’m actually producing a piece of work. I can never predict when my muse is gonna come. I’m talking about coming up with 2 themes for my project. It might come as soon as I would hold the project form in my hand, while I will be drinking out with friends, sitting on the bench and watching people while listening to music, by the end of the project, I will never know but I will always be able to work around it and put it in such way that it will make sense. That’s kinda what I’m good at.

Yesterday, while my tutor was going through the project form and reading it out in front of the class, I know I was supposed to listen but one idea did come to my head and I immediately had to write it down on the piece of paper incase I forget. But it is very raw, spontaneous and out of nowhere. I’ll try and describe it, but I will have some trouble doing it, because it’s still floating in my head like yet unassembled puzzle. But somehow I can see the result and it looks cool, lol.

If you know anything about my generation, you should know that these days it’s a thing, to have your own merch/brand, (I’m not including word “fashion”, that’s important). It all started with brands like H&M, TopShop, Forever21 etc., when they started to put pointless writings and images and T-shirts like a flower or phrases like “TOM BOY” or “N.W.A” (even though half of the people who wore it didn’t even know what N.W.A stands for), or even more cringy “Weirdo” or “Rebel”… Then people like Justin Bieber or celebrities like him slowly but steady, started to bring more pointless and tasteless products to the market in the form of t-shirts and hoodies with their faces on it and hardly anything else. Then, almost every rapper decided to have his own clothing brand/merch, that again, consisted of mosly sports wear with either pictures of their face or their name on it. Rihanna, Drake, Travis Scott, Wiz Khalifa, Tyler the Creator, Migos. Some of them are actually good and I would wear, but the thing is, every one of them thinks they’re bringing something new to the table, which is simply false, but I think they know it too, they’re just making crazy money from this business and you can’t blame them for it, because people buy it, no one makes them, their products are getting sold out in few days. But what I’m saying is, these days, every second one is a “designer” or have a “fashion brand” which consist of “cool” t-shirt, hoodies and caps. And that’s what I’m concerned about because terms like “designer” really started to lose it’s real meaning. Kardashians are not so far behind as well, they have build their own empire, especially Kim with all her emojis, iPhone apps, she started to do her own merch as well, beauty products, iPhone cases, caps, swimsuits etc. Her younger sister Kylie is doing exactly the same and what she did, to me it looked a bit too ridiculous, because her merch consists of orange and pink hoodies with the print of her big lip fillers on the back, and she really took a piss when she put out this white t-shirt and that said “TALENT” on the front…I was like, really? And people ARE GOING TO buy it and not think twice. For me this is too much because, there are people who are also in the same business of producing decent street wear and they actually put meaning in what they put on their clothing, but these celebrities, who doesn’t even dress themselves, there’s like a squad of professional behind them, overshadow everyone/real talent, make crazy money and take credit for something they really just did for the sake of money and not actual fashion.

Never want to sound cheesy, but even when I was still in the boarding school, which was like 3-5 years ago and this “merch” thing wasn’t really about yet, because I draw and I love fashion as well, I always though it would be cool to combine my skills and fashion. Start with one piece, wear it and see how the kids would react. For me it was always more pleasant if someone would come up to me and ask “where did I get this from?”, not to say from some store but to say “I did it myself”. So much cooler, right? And then see, maybe someone would ask “would you do one for me?” and slowly start expanding and with time start to make a bit of money. Always had this idea in my head. It actually takes nothing to just order bunch of plain white t-shirts (preferably decent quality) and go crazy. Put some images/prints, mix it with a bit of by-hand graffiti and maybe some DIY and expand from t-shirts and hoodies to maybe coats, jackets, dresses and even shoes and the best thing is, every piece is unique and one of a kind. Let the clothes be the canvas. But then with time I had too much on my shoulders, exams, not a lot of resources and I kinda put this idea in the cupboard that I called “In the Perfect World”. Time passed, I looked around and I realised that more and more people started doing maybe not exactly, but similar thing and I was too late, it wasn’t very original anymore and plus I’m not a public figure so it would be twice as hard to promote my stuff and I had to focus on my studies, so it seemed like I will have to let this one go.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 14.21.42

But then I got handed my FMP and I was like “Heeeeeey…..What if?”. Because we have so much freedom in choosing our theme, I thought maybe it’s a really good chance to do something I always secretly really wanted to do, this would definitely keep me interested for 12 weeks. Combine it with Fashion Promotion and who knows maybe I’m on the edge of doing something great and beautiful. There are some aspect I still have to think about, for example research, what and who I’m going to research, museums/galleries I will have to visit, what my final piece is gonna look like and am I actually capable of making this idea come true?

As for today, I decided on this. For the research I could research my favourite designers and fashion brands that work in the same path, then as part of primary research I could visit my favourite contemporary galleries in London to look maybe for colours or shapes, maybe visit some street wear stores and see they layout of the it/fashion shows/events if I’ll get a chance to. Then when the research part is finished, it will be time to experiment with fabrics and materials, think about what pieces of clothing I want to include. Now I know that I won’t go as far as actually sewing something, I thought about ordering few t-shirts/hoodies/dresses and just non-stop try maybe use some of my old illustration or come up with new ones. I will do few public experiments, wear my pieces outside, see if anyone asks or gets interested, then closer to the end of the project I will be left with some pieces I’d want to be my final piece. And what I thought to do next, is to find a model, style her and do a photoshoot to promote my clothing and then as a part of final piece I will have this photoshoot and actual pieces of clothing. I’m still thinking if I should come up with a whole brand and promote it as well, like logo and stuff, that would make more sense in promoting my “mini-brand”. I feel like that would suit the subject I’m doing now, which is Fashion Promotion and maybe I would see for myself if I’m any good in being a “fashion designer”, lol. I also thought about making a short film as a look book (like an ad/campaign), but that’s just extra work, but it still would be nice. Now I just have to think if this idea is decent enough to use for my FMP.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 14.22.15

FMP. (thinking about themes)

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