Final Major Project.

Today I started my Final Major Project (FMP), with duration of 12 weeks. Before I say anything, I wanna say that there was A LOT on the project form itself, which kind of pushed me away and I felt my heart rate go up a bit (I’m not being extra and it’s not that serious), I just knew constantly that I have a lot of work ahead of me and that would scare any lazy person.

Judging by my last project I had major issues with time management and I just cannot let this happen again, because this time it’s too serious and my future (kind of???) depends on this and also I just genuinely wanna do well, not only to impress my tutors but prove myself wrong, because in the past few months my efficiency began to suffer and I feel like I wasn’t giving those 100% I was always supposed to give. I’m just honestly a bit threatened by the term “hard work” but almost any teenager would be, right? Haha….

So, the first thing we have to do is come up with 2 proposals, each should be 450 words, with my name, CEG number and specialism at the top of the page in Microsoft Word. The 2 themes that I chose to research should sustain me for 12 weeks, so it has to be something that I’m interested in, not to narrow and not too wide.

I will also have to keep up a timetable, which I said to myself should not be that problematic. I’ve been here for almost 2 years now and I’ve done long and short projects before, I’ve done research, wrote proposals and evaluations, so I will try and not stress myself out, because to be realistic I’ve done everything they’re asking me to do on the project form. My concern is going to be the 2 topics I will have to come up with and time management, that’s it, everything else is just a working process that I’ve been through before.

Final Major Project.

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