For my 10  minute presentation I had to do for contextual studies, I chose artist Chloe Wise. First, I didn’t know who to research and what my presentation is going to be like and because I was a little bit behind I had to think quick. While thinking, I went on instagram and thought: “maybe, let me see the people I follow, because a lot of them are young aspiring artists and why not research some of them”, because the last thing I wanted to do was do a presentation on something boring like Baroque era (personal preference) and because I wanted to pay tribute to my generation as well, we’re not that much of a failure. The art movement, topic or an individual we would choose to talk about had to link to the subject we’re doing and in my case it is fashion promotion.

So when I was scrolling down my instagram feed, I stumbled across Chloe Wise and I instantly knew if I’d do a presentation on her it would be a joy and an interesting experience. It was a good timing as well, because I actually wanted to get to know this artist better and learn what she’s about myself. All the information that I’ve gathered and included in my presentation was from internet. Mostly articles and interviews. I red a lot, so I can form my personal opinion on her as creative individual and  on her artworks/installations. For my presentation to be fully complete in PowerPoint (my Microsoft Word just wouldn’t work) accompanied with pictures and Harvard referencing, it took me 2-3 days with breaks of course and because I had to prepare my other college work. Before printing it out and reading in front of the class, I timed myself and red it myself to make sure it will take me 10 minutes or at least 7-8, because when I’m nervous I tend to read faster than usual.

Overall, the presentation was okay. I can’t say anything more. I was a bit nervous and all my slides got mixed up and I’m not sure that 70% of the class was even listening. However, it was a very useful experience in the way that I only get to do a whole presentation myself in my life so many times, where I had to find all the information myself and not just copy and paste it but to rephrase it into my own words and even add somethings of my own. It was a useful experience to read it in front of small group of people too, my inner sociopath was weirded out, but I tried to keep it cool as much as I could. Also, I actually don’t regret sitting and spending time on researching that artist, because the more I researched Chloe Wise the more and more I became a fan. I actually adore her work and her character, and individuality as well.


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