For my 10  minute presentation I had to do for contextual studies, I chose artist Chloe Wise. First, I didn’t know who to research and what my presentation is going to be like and because I was a little bit behind I had to think quick. While thinking, I went on instagram and thought: “maybe, let me see the people I follow, because a lot of them are young aspiring artists and why not research some of them”, because the last thing I wanted to do was do a presentation on something boring like Baroque era (personal preference) and because I wanted to pay tribute to my generation as well, we’re not that much of a failure. The art movement, topic or an individual we would choose to talk about had to link to the subject we’re doing and in my case it is fashion promotion.

So when I was scrolling down my instagram feed, I stumbled across Chloe Wise and I instantly knew if I’d do a presentation on her it would be a joy and an interesting experience. It was a good timing as well, because I actually wanted to get to know this artist better and learn what she’s about myself. All the information that I’ve gathered and included in my presentation was from internet. Mostly articles and interviews. I red a lot, so I can form my personal opinion on her as creative individual and  on her artworks/installations. For my presentation to be fully complete in PowerPoint (my Microsoft Word just wouldn’t work) accompanied with pictures and Harvard referencing, it took me 2-3 days with breaks of course and because I had to prepare my other college work. Before printing it out and reading in front of the class, I timed myself and red it myself to make sure it will take me 10 minutes or at least 7-8, because when I’m nervous I tend to read faster than usual.

Overall, the presentation was okay. I can’t say anything more. I was a bit nervous and all my slides got mixed up and I’m not sure that 70% of the class was even listening. However, it was a very useful experience in the way that I only get to do a whole presentation myself in my life so many times, where I had to find all the information myself and not just copy and paste it but to rephrase it into my own words and even add somethings of my own. It was a useful experience to read it in front of small group of people too, my inner sociopath was weirded out, but I tried to keep it cool as much as I could. Also, I actually don’t regret sitting and spending time on researching that artist, because the more I researched Chloe Wise the more and more I became a fan. I actually adore her work and her character, and individuality as well.


Brand Identity. (shop trip)

Today, as a part of my research and a part of my new project, I went to the shop I chose to visit in Cambridge and research, which is ALL SAINTS. It is located in the Grand Arcade shopping centre and it is a second one after Hollister right when you walk in to the shopping mall from the main entrance.


The entrance of the shop has a big “shining” logo that is made up of big light bulbs. Have to say, that’s quiet original. I do think it draws the eye of the costumer inside the store, at least it makes it a bit more exiting to walk in and see what’s inside. The show-windows are   huge long see-through glass (the door as well), with 5 boring mannequins without heads (sign of lower budget and more commercial brand) standing and facing the halls of the shopping mall with huuuuge “50% SALE” sign in the middle of the glass, which again, personally, draws me away but for many people that’s a win win.


Right when you walk into the store, you’re already facing huge staircase made up of steel or whatever metal it was, accompanied by the sign “men’s” with an arrow pointing upstairs. This is what the ground floor looks like:


One thing that caught my eye personally was this huge, I don’t even know what to call it, for me it seemed like a piece of floor, cut out, flip it upside down with light bulbs on the outline of this rectangle that kinda gave the whole mood to at least the ground floor definitely. Here is a pic from another corner of the store:


Very grimy, very urban and it almost reminds me of an actor’s changing room or one of those “behind the scenes” scenarios. The music in the store was loud. I was confused with the genre of the music they were playing, for me it seemed like pop and a little bit of rock here and there, but not like David Bowie stuff, I wish, heh. The atmosphere in general is dark, wooden floors, dark walls and ceiling with either light bulbs or those huge light projectors. It felt like I was at one of those underground clubs, only the disco ball was missing.The store has two floors which is impressive. The one material I kept seeing was steel. Everywhere. Very rough and dark. Not a lot of colour at all, grey mostly, which by the end of my trip started to get a bit boring and clothing racks started to seem as one blob of colour. The staff was wearing usual “all black”, nothing original about that. What I’ve noticed as well is, some stores use fragrances inside, to kind of “mark the spot” and be a little but more extra. It is not necessary at all, just a small detail, it’s a preference of the owner, however, All Saints don’t use any fragrance inside their stores.

The accessories was laid out on the ground floor, there was a huge rack of bags which I though looked a bit messy and tasteless, but to be honest I’m not a big fan of this brand’s bags, so I’m trying to be as positive as I can here. And there was another “tray”, if I can say that, with small wallets and chains that looked rather cute and clean but a bit empty and boring.

About the clothing. I’ve spend good 20 minutes in the store, walking around, separating different types of merchandise with my eyes because the majority of them was one colour and you couldn’t really understand if that was a t-shirt or a dress. Overall, the clothing looked neat, nothing to say about that, I found few pieced I liked but that was it. I tried to take as many photos as I could, but it was difficult, because the staff was always walking around, moving stuff around and re-folding the clothes for no reason, one of them gave me a weird look and started talking to someone on her walkie-talkie, that’s when I realised it was time for me to go.

Brand Identity. (shop trip)

Brand Identity

For this project I have to choose a high street store that I can visit in Cambridge. I’ll have to complete a page shop report detailing the store layout, atmosphere, uniform and etc. I will also have to complete a colour swatch page, SWOT analysis, PESTLE report and a positioning map on this company using information collected online and from my own market and primary research.  It is a marketing and promotional task that unites creative skills with business analysis. By the end of this project I’ll have to have a digital layout on issuu.com with printed version, sketchbook, bibliography and this reflective blog. Plus, as as “bonus”, I will design a page of marketing ideas for progression within this company; for example a new line of fragrance, make up, footwear or childrenswear. It should be something that this company do not have have products for, yet.

The brand that I chose to research and store that I’m gonna have to visit in Cambridge is ALL SAINTS.  To be honest, the first reason because I chose this brand was, I thought it was one of the most decent stores in Cambridge style wise, not because I actually like this brand. I didn’t wanna research H&M or TopShop because that would be super boring. But, when I started doing my research and looking into this brand deeper, I slowly started to change my mind about this brand. All I knew is that this brand carried very minimalistic style with very limited colour scheme of greys and beige colours, and what I can’t stand from the brands that are not as successful as Chanel and not as tasteless as Forever 21 is when they put up a high ass prise, like for example 89$, for the plain white T-shirt. Like, who do you think you are?! I thought ALL SAINTS was one of those. I mean, I know the quality might not suck completely, but not everyone is Kardashian, come on. Us, peasants, are never going to pay almost 100 bucks for the most basic ever piece of clothing such as white t-shirt. Or it is just mine unpopular opinion…


A bit about this brand’s “theme”: evoking a mood of decadent decay and distressed glamour with religious iconography and vintage details added to layer upon layer of carefully aged materials, their stores provide a mélange of inspiration, displayed with that ‘thrown together’ look emanating the idea that these are pieces one might find in an old junk shop.

When I went to ALL SAINTS official website and started looking at their look books, that’s when I actually realised I was wrong about thinking bad about this brand, they do have some beautiful and elegant pieces I’d kill for to have in my closet. Obviously I rushed to the All Saint Limited to see all the goods I’ll never have but don’t mind having the pleasure of staring at those aesthetically pleasing, well styled outfits. Those are the ones that stood up to me:

Beautiful, simple floor-length silk slip “Naomi dress” that’s worth £398.00. Expensive? Maybe. Elegant? Hell yes! Classy? Duh… On the first picture it is smartly paired with cropped wool blend jumper, that creates this polished and effortless look that if I beg my dad for long enough, is worth spending his money on. On the second picture paired with the same dress, the model is wearing an oversized sheepskin biker jacket featuring a soft shearling collar and lining, belted cuffs and smooth leather patches on the sleeves. More urban but still chic. I’m also in love with the colour of the jacket, I think it’s very soft and reminds me of the wet asphalt.

Brand Identity