Fashion Promotion project “IMPERFECTION” w1


Today I started new project with the central theme Imperfection. The task is to make a 2-3 min fashion film. Now, I’ve never done a fashion film before so this is definitely something new and exiting to me. Straight away, there’s two things in my head  I’m thinking of is the topic itself (Imperfection) and Fashion Film. Already planning mind maps for those two.

Imperfection is such a wide, but at the same time not at all, topic. I don’t know what’s longer, to talk about perfection or imperfection. The way I see it, there’s no such thing as perfect and not perfect, believe me, it’s all balanced. For me balance – is life, there’s two sides to everything, bright and dark, black and white, good and bad and there’s always a little bit of good in bad and a little bit of bad in good. It’s balanced. Perfection and Imperfection are two opposite sides that change their colors all the time. They never stay the same and it’s different for everyone. The idea of perfection changes constantly, it’s like a fashion trend or a magazine issue , it’s different, it’s mutating from one thing to another, sometimes it leaves some marks behind it, sometimes it takes everything it could take, leaving us with nothing but memories of what it was like, and that’s the beauty of it. For some people it’s their job to predict what people are gonna like, what they’re gonna hate. Call it brainwash or just smart marketing, either way it works because people let social media and any other media control them and their minds. I’m not really sure if you have a choice these days. That’s debatable. But what social media does, it simply puts someone else’s idea of perfection in your head. Which is sad but this is the world we live in.

I feel like 21 century is the craziest time planet Earth have experienced yet. Why people never ask themselves why are they so after this idea of perfection? Why can’t you just be okay with the way you look originally. I feel like instead of hiding your flaws, you should embrace them, because they tell your story. When you hide your imperfections you become like everyone else and where is fun in that? For me perfect is a synonym to the word fake. You people might not get it, but Barbie doll was one of the first things to start this “perfect” cult, even thought it’s just an innocent kid toy. People tend to forget that either they like it or not, there’s always gonna be someone better, with bigger car, bigger phone, bigger ass but that does not mean that in order to be happy and feel complete you should have all of those things. However, can’t not mention that it does give you some kind of motivation and desire to “work for something”, but why can’t you take that desire to get small waste and big butt (because that’s what guys into these days) and put this energy into wanting to educate yourself, read something or even if you do wanna work on yourself, by doing fitness, some people might not realise it, but they’re running on that treadmill not because they wanna improve their health, but because they seek this approvement from others, that they do look good, running after likes on the picture people tend to forget who they doing this for and this is where it gets messed up. It used to be all about self love, now it’s all about self promotion. People create whole new empires for themselves, new worlds where they can show their good, pretty side of them, perfectly edited and accompanied with a cheesy caption. I know that because I’m part of this narcissistic era.


Fashion Promotion project “IMPERFECTION” w1

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