Performance and Installation Art.


Installation art is a relatively new genre of contemporary art – practised by an increasing number of postmodernist artists – which involves the configuration or “installation” of objects in a space, such as a room or warehouse. The resulting arrangement of material and space comprises the “artwork”.

Because an installation usually allows the viewer to enter and move around the configured space and/or interact with some of its elements, it offers the viewer a very different experience from,say, a traditional painting or sculpture which is normally seen from a single reference point. Furthermore, an installation may engage several of the viewer’s senses including touch, sound and smell, as well as vision.

Installation art ranges from the very simple to the very complex. It can be gallery based, computer-based, electronic-based, web-based – the possibilities are limitless and depend entirely upon the artist’s concept and aims. Almost any type of material or media can be used, including natural or man-made objects, painting and sculpture, as well as recent media such as film, animation, various forms of photography, live performance art (including happenings), sound and audio.

Some compositions are strictly indoor, while others are public art, constructed in open-air community spaces, or projected on public buildings. Some are mute, while others are interactive and require audience participation.

For example, In Cut Piece, an early piece of feminist art first staged in 1964, Yoko Ono knelt on the ground and laid down a pair of scissors. The audience were invited to come forward and cut off any piece of her clothing. it started politely but became more and more threatening as her clothes were reduced to rags she kneeled in her underwear. In my opinion, it is a very brave thing to do and it’s kind of ironical as well, the way it ended, so typical of us human start slowly and politely and then because of our stupidity and ego to over do something, destroy it, use it.  We’re like devourers all we do is consume. This is how I see Yoko Ono’s performance but judging more on the audience’s behaviour like bunch of monkeys or testing mice. Yet it’s Art.

James Turrell. Projection Sculpture. Houghton Hall, Norfolk, England 2015

(not finished yet)

Performance and Installation Art.

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