My photo shoot went great, even better than I expected. I thought it’s going to take me ages to take approximately 500 pictures when we finally get to the location but the whole thing and actual preparation didn’t take me more than 3 hours. Because it was still cold at the car park I couldn’t make my model change clothes right there so I needed to come up with the outfit that can then be changed into something else by simply removing or changing one or few pieces of clothing or accessories.

My model wore Fenty X by Rihanna (2016-2017 AW) trousers with fish net tights under, red lace body, black and white PUMA sneakers and that’s the foundation. The first look was with khaki, cropped Top Shop hoodie and for the second look I removed to hoodie and put black knitted coat top, for more sexier.

Throughout the photo shoot, I’ve noticed that I’m pretty good at directing too, because at first I knew that photography is not my strongest skill and I had a challenge of turning the picture (idea) I had in my head into real life. I had to improvise and come up with poses for my model which at that point I wasn’t 100% sure if the whole thing would work in general, but after printing out contact sheets, choosing the best shots and then editing them in Photoshop, I had a good solid 20-22 photos that could go to my look book. I like working in Photoshop, I feel like this is a very creative platform where you can experiment and create masterpieces at the same time.


When it was time to do my look book I needed to decide on the layout of my look book. Laziness or no, I like to keep it simple, so that means I didn’t do any double page photo, any writings/annotations and heavy photoshop work. My slightly retouched, raw yet impressively cool photos found each other on the pages of my A4 first ever (i don’t know why so official) look book.

Overall, the whole project was challenging because the topic that was given to us has such a wide range context, it was hard to at the same time manage the time and try understand what you’re doing  when you have no idea. Yet educational, because now I know how much effort actually goes in planning and doing a photoshoot. Let’s not talk about resources. Next time, I will make sure I manage my time better and leave the most time for the final work.


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