F.P. Photoshoot Plan week 2

It’s time to finally plan my photoshoot and main thing to start with is theme. The theme for this project and photoshoot I suppose is – colour. The mood that I want my photos to reflect is calmness. Almost monochrome but emotion wise. For this time, it should be just a pretty picture. It might be a bit dark and gothy. I’m promoting style and gender fluidity.

When it comes to styling I personally don’t need to worry, because I wear and own clothes that in my opinion good to go in a fashion magazine, I will also ask my sister for a few pieces because we are kinda similar sometimes in what we wear, although sometimes she borrows from me or vice versa. I think I have enough to deliver my idea. Plus I’m not gonna be spending any money. Same thing with accessories I have all accessories myself I’d wanna see on the model and in my photoshoot.

My sister is going to be my model. The look I want is very natural, clear/glowy skin, heavy which eyelashes, blush on the cheeks (youth), straight washed dark hair. I don’t want any art house make up with green eyeshadow and crazy lip, however I will be having two make up looks, first one is described above I call it “Virgin Mary” look and the second look is not gonna change dramatically but I’m adding good old red lipstick and a bit of pink/peachy eyeshadow on the eyes.

Last but not least – Location


For my photoshoot I didn’t wanna use the studio that was provided for us. I wanted to be a bit more authentic and come up with something myself. I came up with car parks. I love me some good big empty car park. I always liked the colour the car parks are (monochrome) thousands and thousands of different shades of grey. Concrete everywhere. It’s like one big concrete underground hug. Usually it’s humanless so it gives you even more freedom physically and mentally.The location itself kinda represents coldness, loneliness, endless colourblind walls with few marks here and there left by a car or a human. Nothing really colourful about my location but in my opinion car parks are the best. It’s like a blank canvas and you don’t have to worry about the weather, if it’s day or night, at the car park it’s only one time of the day. Cold, grey, minimalistic and very elegant. And of course the reason I chose this location is because it’t gonna suit the clothing I’m gonna style my model with and it’s just gonna create the whole mood for the photoshoot. It would look different if I would have gone to the park with green grass, blue sky and benches. It would look cheaper. Waaaaaay cheaper.

F.P. Photoshoot Plan week 2

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