F.P. colour week 2

For my primary research, I took some photos around town looking for colour, things like bin bags, books and shoes are in there (my sketchbook). Then I went to Market Place to collect more primary research and I found something really cool I wan’t expecting to find. There was a stand with a lot of fur “accessories”, mostly key chains in different shape, ones were like fur stripes different length, others pom-poms in different sizes too. What made me stop, come closer and take pictures was colour. They had a great variety of colours from pink to grey, to red and green, white, blue eat. + they were all mixed together so it was fun to look at the contrast and how bright colours can actually work with grey + I saw some colours that I thought would never go together, blend with each other in a really interesting way. So I thought that this is a very good guide on the colours I wanted to focus on. Here is the picture I took of this fur pom-poms and this is going to be my main colour palette.


For my secondary research I’ve researched Kanye West’s “Yeezy Season” clothing line and Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma and her clothing line “Fenty”, the latest collection (2016). I chose to research Kanye’s clothing line because of the colours that he uses, soft shades of ivory, olive, sand, nude, khaki, beige etc. The clothing itself I love too, nothing more simpler. I like it because it reflect me too, I like simple, baggy clothes with nothing crazy attached. It’s just like soul food, but soul clothes to me. The reason I researched Rihanna is because she’s a genius and she so knows what she’s doing, it’s disgusting. Her previous collaboration with Puma was a success, first sneakers then clothing. The black and white collection (2016 as well) was ridiculously good, I’ve never wanted to be a goth again so much. After that, came another fashion show which I loved even more because this time she used colours like lavender (purple), mint, khaki and pink. Beautiful combination in my opinion. Leaning on that, doing primary and secondary research was really helpful, because now I have a clear idea in my head on what I want my photoshoot look like, because I finally found what colours I’m going to use.


F.P. colour week 2

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