F.P. COLOUR week 1

At the start of the project comes nothing new, first few pages of my sketchbook is filled with one mind map and several mood boards I’m secretly in love doing. I don’t know what’s with me and mood boards but there’s something very relaxing in choosing and putting different pictures together. Sound easy, huh, but it can take up to few hours if you care. The way I do my mood boards is color vise and I usually don’t go for google images. If I have time on my hands, which I don’t but, I’d put the pictures together using Photoshop, (not print them and stick on top of each other with glue stick) maybe cut some of them, replace, put them on a new document and print it on the paper from my sketchbook by printing it on bypass tray so it looks well done and well presented. Here is the outcome: and if you still don’t get it the mood board is about color.


There is an update on my filming idea. As I said, I won an auction on e-bay while purchasing an old SONY Hi8 Camcorder + I ordered right tape for the camera too. The tape came in three days. Something else came in three days. An email. Saying that the camera has been bought by someone else for the higher price which was 92 pounds something. My first thought was: “Who’s the fool who bought it for 92 pounds, it is not worth such money.” My second thought was: “How come, I already won, bought and purchased the damn thing.” Long story short, they returned my money, but not the feeling of excitement and the time…Lost… From waiting. Anyways, I had to think quick and the most logical and easy way was to use the iPhone app “VHS Cam” or something that basically creates the same VHS effect I need and instead of doing film I’ll give more attention to the photoshoot and photos themselves. Which is a shame, but I’m sure throughout the course I’ll have an opportunity to film again.

F.P. COLOUR week 1

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