F.P. COLOUR week 1


Few days ago I started my new project that will last 3 weeks, just like the last one. The whole project is about colour. Already, I have few ideas but they’re very faded at this point, because I don’t know if I’m going to focus on one colour or like family of pinks or purples, or I was thinking pastel/earthy colours could do the job, because they’ve been trending for more than a year now and designers are only starting to put those colours in their collections, and I myself is very captivated by those colours because to begin with they just calm me down and relax me. I get a lot of visual satisfaction looking at those colours. So yeah, I still have to decided on that.

While I was on the lesson, random ideas just popped up in my head to do with my new project. I thought about, if we have to come up with a photoshoot by the end of the project, the clothes that my model(s) or me will be wearing really really matters, obviously. So instead of trying to find a piece of clothing right colour and right size why not just make the clothes myself. Now, I know that I know about sewing just as little as I know how I passed my gcse science, no clue, so I looked up few sewing ateliers in Cambridge that could help me make the actual clothing while I can focus on the quality of the photoshoot and colours. I was also very enlightened by the idea of making a film, a short film, my editing skills suck tho, so it’s a perfect time to try and experiment. I didn’t want to use just normal filming camera or my iPhone, because I wanted to create this old school VHS effect  when the camera is filming in 80’s-2000’s. There is an app for iPhones called “VHS Cam” and it does exactly what I need, but since I wanna make my first film (at least attempt to, I wanna make sure it’s legit)  I went to e-bay and bought (actually won it the auction, payed 50£) old SONY Handycam Hi8 Camcorder! I’m not 100% sure what’s the production year, but I remember my parents having one of those since I was born. Also, I ordered Hi8 Tape and that’s what’s gonna help me really create the VHS effect. Parcels are supposed to come in a few days.

One of the other things I wanted my project to focus on is gender fluidity. (made this picture in Ps in case someone doesn’t know what gender fluid means.)


I have this in mind for a few reasons. The fashion sense that I’m into, people and designers that I follow in fashion world support and produce pieces of clothing and art that expresses positive look on LGBT community and every year this part of fashion world blossoms more and more. A the end of the day, I can say that my style is gender fluid, because I shop in men’s section most of the time for tees , hoodies, sweatpants, oversized pieces of clothign etc. (and guys borrow my clothes all the time), because in girl’s section they don’t have as wide range as men’s do plus I’m not into wearing dresses and skirts that much and that’s completely normal. I’ve had a lot of people in my life question me why I wear clothes that’s obviously and ridiculously bigger than me, or why I wear something that girls usually won’t wear like low wasted oversized men’s sweatpants and it already sounds ridiculous because everyone should be able to wear what they want and what they’re comfortable in. That’s the message I wanna spread, by including such topic in my project.

Overall, when I think about the photoshoot I can already kinda see what it’s gonna look like but it’s hard to explain, because I have so many ideas and they’re all slowly floating and changing in my head, some of them become one, some of them I decide to get rid of, but one thing I know for sure, I want this photoshoot to fully reflect me, my style and my vision.

F.P. COLOUR week 1

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