Pop Art.

Pop Art is art made from commercial items and cultural icons such as product labels, advertisements, and movie stars. In a way, Pop Art was a reaction to the seriousness of Abstract Expressionist Art. Pop Art is meant to be fun. This movement began in the 1950s, but became very popular in the 1960s. It started in the United Kingdom, but became a true art movement in New York City with artists like Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns.

Pop Art uses images and icons that are popular in the modern world. This includes famous celebrities like movie stars and rock stars, commercial items like soup cans and soft drinks, comic books, and any other items that are popular in the commercial world. There are a number of ways that artists use these items to create art such as repeating the item over and over again, changing the color or texture of the item, and putting different items together to make a picture.

The first art work I’m going to look at is Roy Lichtenstein’s “Hopeless” (1963).  The style this artist works in, he reproduces the images from comic books by hand on canvas, literally. The romance themed images that he paints ask us to question our own priorities, question our overdramatic love lives, our love of movies and fantasy and what is blinding us or distracting us from the real problems in American society. hopeless_lichtenstein

Black outlines, size and shape is the three main ingredients in his paintings. Blocks of yellow that represents this woman’s hair compliment her fairly pale skin tone. Single blocks of color represent a background and a foreground. A thought bubble above her head allows the viewer a glimpse into the subject’s mind. This Pop artist, through his use of techniques of mass media and appropriation of widely circulated subject matter, mostly advertisements and cartoons, made a statement about art, culture and a prediction about what would soon become of both.

Next artist I wanted to talk about is Jeff Koons. I particularly enjoy  his art works in general, I’ve heard about him before and I think his works are very modern, very entertaining and eye-catching. His artworks scream “FUN” and “COLOR”. He is a great definition of Pop Art, with his large sculptures as if it was his attitude and bold colors it gives the viewer a great experience of the art world. People loved and still love his work, not to say that he’s commercial but what about Pop Art doesn’t say “look at me” because of the sizes, colors, forms and shapes every Pop Art artist uses.

So this is one of his most famous sculptures “Balloon Dog”. Mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating in this case is gold creates this glossy balloon-like sculpture of a dog and when standing close to it, it will bend your own reflection around its’ smooth pert curves. Using the recognizable form of a balloon twisted into the shape of a dog, Koons has frozen a moment in time, exaggerating both scale and material. Balloon Dog (Gold) is literal and abstract.

Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog (gold)
Pop Art.


My photo shoot went great, even better than I expected. I thought it’s going to take me ages to take approximately 500 pictures when we finally get to the location but the whole thing and actual preparation didn’t take me more than 3 hours. Because it was still cold at the car park I couldn’t make my model change clothes right there so I needed to come up with the outfit that can then be changed into something else by simply removing or changing one or few pieces of clothing or accessories.

My model wore Fenty X by Rihanna (2016-2017 AW) trousers with fish net tights under, red lace body, black and white PUMA sneakers and that’s the foundation. The first look was with khaki, cropped Top Shop hoodie and for the second look I removed to hoodie and put black knitted coat top, for more sexier.

Throughout the photo shoot, I’ve noticed that I’m pretty good at directing too, because at first I knew that photography is not my strongest skill and I had a challenge of turning the picture (idea) I had in my head into real life. I had to improvise and come up with poses for my model which at that point I wasn’t 100% sure if the whole thing would work in general, but after printing out contact sheets, choosing the best shots and then editing them in Photoshop, I had a good solid 20-22 photos that could go to my look book. I like working in Photoshop, I feel like this is a very creative platform where you can experiment and create masterpieces at the same time.


When it was time to do my look book I needed to decide on the layout of my look book. Laziness or no, I like to keep it simple, so that means I didn’t do any double page photo, any writings/annotations and heavy photoshop work. My slightly retouched, raw yet impressively cool photos found each other on the pages of my A4 first ever (i don’t know why so official) look book.

Overall, the whole project was challenging because the topic that was given to us has such a wide range context, it was hard to at the same time manage the time and try understand what you’re doing  when you have no idea. Yet educational, because now I know how much effort actually goes in planning and doing a photoshoot. Let’s not talk about resources. Next time, I will make sure I manage my time better and leave the most time for the final work.



So today is the day of my actual photo shoot. I’ll only get my hands on it during the evening, but it doesn’t matter because of my location. It’s a car park so the only light I would have is my camera’s flash and cat park’s lights. I also really wanted to go there at the evening, because at that time usually there’s no people only few cars may drive out the car park few times but it’s rare and it’s the perfect environment for me, because I can capture every angle and really explore the area and  it’s a benefit for the model too because the atmosphere will be way more relaxed, model won’t be that shy and I’ll be able to take some great shots.


F.P. Photoshoot Plan week 2

It’s time to finally plan my photoshoot and main thing to start with is theme. The theme for this project and photoshoot I suppose is – colour. The mood that I want my photos to reflect is calmness. Almost monochrome but emotion wise. For this time, it should be just a pretty picture. It might be a bit dark and gothy. I’m promoting style and gender fluidity.

When it comes to styling I personally don’t need to worry, because I wear and own clothes that in my opinion good to go in a fashion magazine, I will also ask my sister for a few pieces because we are kinda similar sometimes in what we wear, although sometimes she borrows from me or vice versa. I think I have enough to deliver my idea. Plus I’m not gonna be spending any money. Same thing with accessories I have all accessories myself I’d wanna see on the model and in my photoshoot.

My sister is going to be my model. The look I want is very natural, clear/glowy skin, heavy which eyelashes, blush on the cheeks (youth), straight washed dark hair. I don’t want any art house make up with green eyeshadow and crazy lip, however I will be having two make up looks, first one is described above I call it “Virgin Mary” look and the second look is not gonna change dramatically but I’m adding good old red lipstick and a bit of pink/peachy eyeshadow on the eyes.

Last but not least – Location


For my photoshoot I didn’t wanna use the studio that was provided for us. I wanted to be a bit more authentic and come up with something myself. I came up with car parks. I love me some good big empty car park. I always liked the colour the car parks are (monochrome) thousands and thousands of different shades of grey. Concrete everywhere. It’s like one big concrete underground hug. Usually it’s humanless so it gives you even more freedom physically and mentally.The location itself kinda represents coldness, loneliness, endless colourblind walls with few marks here and there left by a car or a human. Nothing really colourful about my location but in my opinion car parks are the best. It’s like a blank canvas and you don’t have to worry about the weather, if it’s day or night, at the car park it’s only one time of the day. Cold, grey, minimalistic and very elegant. And of course the reason I chose this location is because it’t gonna suit the clothing I’m gonna style my model with and it’s just gonna create the whole mood for the photoshoot. It would look different if I would have gone to the park with green grass, blue sky and benches. It would look cheaper. Waaaaaay cheaper.

F.P. Photoshoot Plan week 2

F.P. colour week 2

For my primary research, I took some photos around town looking for colour, things like bin bags, books and shoes are in there (my sketchbook). Then I went to Market Place to collect more primary research and I found something really cool I wan’t expecting to find. There was a stand with a lot of fur “accessories”, mostly key chains in different shape, ones were like fur stripes different length, others pom-poms in different sizes too. What made me stop, come closer and take pictures was colour. They had a great variety of colours from pink to grey, to red and green, white, blue eat. + they were all mixed together so it was fun to look at the contrast and how bright colours can actually work with grey + I saw some colours that I thought would never go together, blend with each other in a really interesting way. So I thought that this is a very good guide on the colours I wanted to focus on. Here is the picture I took of this fur pom-poms and this is going to be my main colour palette.


For my secondary research I’ve researched Kanye West’s “Yeezy Season” clothing line and Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma and her clothing line “Fenty”, the latest collection (2016). I chose to research Kanye’s clothing line because of the colours that he uses, soft shades of ivory, olive, sand, nude, khaki, beige etc. The clothing itself I love too, nothing more simpler. I like it because it reflect me too, I like simple, baggy clothes with nothing crazy attached. It’s just like soul food, but soul clothes to me. The reason I researched Rihanna is because she’s a genius and she so knows what she’s doing, it’s disgusting. Her previous collaboration with Puma was a success, first sneakers then clothing. The black and white collection (2016 as well) was ridiculously good, I’ve never wanted to be a goth again so much. After that, came another fashion show which I loved even more because this time she used colours like lavender (purple), mint, khaki and pink. Beautiful combination in my opinion. Leaning on that, doing primary and secondary research was really helpful, because now I have a clear idea in my head on what I want my photoshoot look like, because I finally found what colours I’m going to use.


F.P. colour week 2

F.P. COLOUR week 1

At the start of the project comes nothing new, first few pages of my sketchbook is filled with one mind map and several mood boards I’m secretly in love doing. I don’t know what’s with me and mood boards but there’s something very relaxing in choosing and putting different pictures together. Sound easy, huh, but it can take up to few hours if you care. The way I do my mood boards is color vise and I usually don’t go for google images. If I have time on my hands, which I don’t but, I’d put the pictures together using Photoshop, (not print them and stick on top of each other with glue stick) maybe cut some of them, replace, put them on a new document and print it on the paper from my sketchbook by printing it on bypass tray so it looks well done and well presented. Here is the outcome: and if you still don’t get it the mood board is about color.


There is an update on my filming idea. As I said, I won an auction on e-bay while purchasing an old SONY Hi8 Camcorder + I ordered right tape for the camera too. The tape came in three days. Something else came in three days. An email. Saying that the camera has been bought by someone else for the higher price which was 92 pounds something. My first thought was: “Who’s the fool who bought it for 92 pounds, it is not worth such money.” My second thought was: “How come, I already won, bought and purchased the damn thing.” Long story short, they returned my money, but not the feeling of excitement and the time…Lost… From waiting. Anyways, I had to think quick and the most logical and easy way was to use the iPhone app “VHS Cam” or something that basically creates the same VHS effect I need and instead of doing film I’ll give more attention to the photoshoot and photos themselves. Which is a shame, but I’m sure throughout the course I’ll have an opportunity to film again.

F.P. COLOUR week 1

F.P. COLOUR week 1


Few days ago I started my new project that will last 3 weeks, just like the last one. The whole project is about colour. Already, I have few ideas but they’re very faded at this point, because I don’t know if I’m going to focus on one colour or like family of pinks or purples, or I was thinking pastel/earthy colours could do the job, because they’ve been trending for more than a year now and designers are only starting to put those colours in their collections, and I myself is very captivated by those colours because to begin with they just calm me down and relax me. I get a lot of visual satisfaction looking at those colours. So yeah, I still have to decided on that.

While I was on the lesson, random ideas just popped up in my head to do with my new project. I thought about, if we have to come up with a photoshoot by the end of the project, the clothes that my model(s) or me will be wearing really really matters, obviously. So instead of trying to find a piece of clothing right colour and right size why not just make the clothes myself. Now, I know that I know about sewing just as little as I know how I passed my gcse science, no clue, so I looked up few sewing ateliers in Cambridge that could help me make the actual clothing while I can focus on the quality of the photoshoot and colours. I was also very enlightened by the idea of making a film, a short film, my editing skills suck tho, so it’s a perfect time to try and experiment. I didn’t want to use just normal filming camera or my iPhone, because I wanted to create this old school VHS effect  when the camera is filming in 80’s-2000’s. There is an app for iPhones called “VHS Cam” and it does exactly what I need, but since I wanna make my first film (at least attempt to, I wanna make sure it’s legit)  I went to e-bay and bought (actually won it the auction, payed 50£) old SONY Handycam Hi8 Camcorder! I’m not 100% sure what’s the production year, but I remember my parents having one of those since I was born. Also, I ordered Hi8 Tape and that’s what’s gonna help me really create the VHS effect. Parcels are supposed to come in a few days.

One of the other things I wanted my project to focus on is gender fluidity. (made this picture in Ps in case someone doesn’t know what gender fluid means.)


I have this in mind for a few reasons. The fashion sense that I’m into, people and designers that I follow in fashion world support and produce pieces of clothing and art that expresses positive look on LGBT community and every year this part of fashion world blossoms more and more. A the end of the day, I can say that my style is gender fluid, because I shop in men’s section most of the time for tees , hoodies, sweatpants, oversized pieces of clothign etc. (and guys borrow my clothes all the time), because in girl’s section they don’t have as wide range as men’s do plus I’m not into wearing dresses and skirts that much and that’s completely normal. I’ve had a lot of people in my life question me why I wear clothes that’s obviously and ridiculously bigger than me, or why I wear something that girls usually won’t wear like low wasted oversized men’s sweatpants and it already sounds ridiculous because everyone should be able to wear what they want and what they’re comfortable in. That’s the message I wanna spread, by including such topic in my project.

Overall, when I think about the photoshoot I can already kinda see what it’s gonna look like but it’s hard to explain, because I have so many ideas and they’re all slowly floating and changing in my head, some of them become one, some of them I decide to get rid of, but one thing I know for sure, I want this photoshoot to fully reflect me, my style and my vision.

F.P. COLOUR week 1