Fashion Promotion. week 2

Continuing with my fashion illustration, I drew some really successful fashion sketches, showing my ideas. I was inspired by patterns (mostly shapes and lines) and how they work on clothes and body. I drew 4 models, used mostly markers. The colors are dark and earthy, a lot of green a brown. After that I chose my best sketch and decided to work a bit more on it, by scanning it on scanner and just changing color palette, the outcome wan’t crucial it was just for my own practice.

For me personally there’s no difference in just drawing and fashion sketch, you’re still trying to deliver forms, shapes & movement. Before I started doing fashion illustration I drew anything my hand will desire and I developed this topic quiet a lot. This is just a different style of drawing I call “Symbolic Drawing” or “Animation/Moving Image” where of course forms and shapes might be a bit exadurated or vice versa, it’s all about animating, not clothes, that’s the difference between fashion sketch and animation drawing. So I did a whole page on those kind of drawing, very colorful, detailed and interesting to look at in my opinion.

Next in line was make-up chart. I knew what it was before my tutor mentioned it, but to be honest I never used one myself. The tutor gave everyone hand-outs with printed out blank make up chart (face) and said we could use those, but it wasn’t in my interest. If I’m taking this project seriously, everything would have to be done using my hands only + it would take me less than a minute to briefly draw a face so why bother use print out when I can have my own how I like it. On my 1st page I have 2 make-up chart, both of them mostly done in markers and pens, but I did try to use real make up on the second one which turned out to be not very leasing. I have to say, I though I’d do better with this make- up chart, I had a lot of experimentation and I’ve never drawn with real make up before. What I’ve noticed is make-up does interacts with paper it’s own way, which for me is not really an option. On my 3rd make-up chart I decided to use only make-up to see what it’s gonna look like. I tried using liquid highlighter, which was a success texture vise, the paper was super shimmery and glittery but not color vise, because the skin looked dirty and yellowish. On the lips I tried matt liquid lipstick, which worked out well it dried out and stayed without leaving any marks. Tried to use powder blush instead of cream blush, because cream blush leaves obvious marks, but powder blush didn’t have any pigment in it at all so it didn’t really work. Overall, I’m glad I’m trying something new and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Fashion Promotion. week 2

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