Fashion Promotion. week 2

This week I started looking deeper into fashion illustration. I found my old sketchbook which is like 2 years old and I found some sketches/drawings from there I decided I had to include. First, I included my mom’s sketch she drew it when I was only starting to find out what fashion illustration was & because my mom does have a degree in constructing clothes she knew everything about it. That was kind of a starting point in me attempting to commit to fashion illustration.

I also drew a lot of observational drawings of female’s (model’s) body, mostly with normal drawing pencil, first I kinda did it step by step, from lines to forms and I tried to capture the movement of the body, by adding shading and just practicing and practicing, until it would take me few minutes to quickly sketch a model. After that I started simplifying my sketches to just continuous line drawings and I switched to pens and markers, because they can’t really get smudged like pencil and you don’t need to sharpen it all the time, plus I like the idea that I can’t rub away pen, which means I gotta think twice before the line appears on the paper.

As I look at my sketches now, they do look a bit too much black & white, I would personally add color but they are just rapid drawings, so there’s no reason really. From drawing only bodies I moved on to drawing clothes, which was a bit more challenging, because when you drawing clothes you need to be able to show the texture of the fabric and how its “sits” on the body, where it folds, where it doesn’t. So to start off, my fashion sketches were a bit 2D (flat).

One of my fashion illustrations (you don’t have to call it that) “2Faced” is a really nice example of what might be on the card at the end of the project. That’s what we gonna do, come up with up to 10 images to put on cards and I think this one would look great.

Fashion Promotion. week 2

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