Fashion Promotion. week 1

Today I was introduced to my first project of this year that was all about personal style. I’m really exited to do it, because I love to talk about my personal style and I think I have my own way of doing things and few ideas to develop, so I’ll see where this short project takes me.

First in my sketchbook goes mind map, than I’ve done like an entry page where I look deeper into the meaning of the word “style” and what it means to me. After that I’ve done four mood boards and I tried to make them as monochrome as possible so the viewer understands what color I’m focusing on. Well that was only really successful only on my first mood board. Anyone could say that this is just bunch of random pictures and I would agree at some point, but all the pictures I included in my sketchbook does relate to me it their own way. I tried to do the mood boards in my style, which is fashionable and with humor.

Also, as part of my secondary research I’ve looked at Rihanna as a fashion icon and made a whole page about her, because I love the way she dresses, very expensive and unique. I ended everything with one more mood board.

Fashion Promotion. week 1

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